Data: Integrative Bulk All Life Stages

  • zglu
  • Tuesday, Apr 2, 2024

The analysis was performed before: where 186 bulk sample data from 6 projects were processed with mapping and count. Among them, 4 samples with Pearson R < 0.8 with the rest of same samples were removed, resulting a final 182 samples.

The read counts were normalised on library size and gene length, so that the expression is comparable between samples and genes.

The samples can be categorized into different groups:

  • source: 6 project IDs
  • sex: Male/Female/Mixed
  • infection: single-sex and bisex
  • stage: 7 main life cycle stages and gonads
  • stage2: more detailed stages at different timepoints

The data was projected into the MDS space by edgeR, which shows separation and transition along the life cycle.